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An introductory Welcome Note and Getting Started

Dear Participants in the Master Class, we welcome you to this platform. AnnounceButtonThis group will be confined into a specific number of people who constitute a class room.  It will be a participatory class - like nothing we have experienced on cyberspace! This program is for 9 months. ---Apostle George
Note: Web Site and email "Spammers" take advantage of this type of platform to promote themselves inappropriately. We've taken great measure in blocking them, but in case any of them slips by accidentally and you see any inappropriate postings or activities, please CONTACT THE WEBMASTER (use the Webmaster form) immediately. Thank you.---WebMaster

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LegaciesofChrist DiscoverYourCalling AriseMagazine
  • LEGACIES OF CHRIST: Legacies of Christ, a faith builder, was first to roll off the press in 2012. "When Jesus went to the cross, definite outcomes were expected from that paradigm-shifting action... That divinity would become humanity and literally die on the cross is a mystery too great for mortal man's finite mind to comprehend."
    Get your copy: Amazon UK OR Amazon USA

  • DISCOVER AND FULFILL YOUR MINISTRY: Of all things every saint can possibly do on earth, none pleases the Father as an act of true spiritual worship like the single minded pursuit, discovery and fulfillment of the divine purpose.That divine purpose is stated in the context of being part of the organic body of Christ to whom God has committed the sacred responsibility of expressing the nature of God and proclaiming His kingdom. Request for your copy at:

  • ARISE! KINGDOM COME: The magazine of the Reformation Movement will be released quarterly. Request for a copy at: